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Vitrigraph Cane & Murrini 
By Nathan Sandberg

By taking a thoughtful approach to using the vitrigraph kiln we will create cane and murrini that rival those created in a hot shop.  Capitalizing on the ways glass can be arranged in and flows from a crucible, students in this innovative workshop will learn to create reproducible decorative canes and intricate murrini using the vitrigraph kiln.  These elements can and will then, immediately, be used in other kiln-glass projects.
We will be pulling hot glass from the vitrigraph kiln, students must be comfortable handling hot glass.
Students will also need to be able to confidently cut approximately (30) 3"-5" circles out of 3mm glass.  Glass cutting is introduced in this workshop but you need to have experience prior to the class.  
You need to bring your own circle cutter, if you have one, that you are comfortable with using.



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